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ROI Institute®

ROI Institute, Inc., founded in 1992, helps organizations evaluate the success of projects and programs, including measuring the financial return on investment (ROI). We do this by providing workshops, consulting, coaching, hosting briefings and presentations, researching, and benchmarking. ROI Institute operates through a network of partners and associates in the U.S. and in over 60 countries with the help of over 100 ROI consultants.

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We work with over 5,000 orgnizations including:

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The KPI Institute®

The KPI Institute is a leading global research institute specialized in business performance. It operates research programs in 12 practice domains, ranging from strategy and KPIs to employee performance and from customer service to innovation performance. Insights are disseminated through a variety of publications, subscriptions services and through a knowledge platform available to registered members. Support in deploying these insights in practice is offered globally through training and advisory services.

The KPI Institute is considered today the global authority on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) research and education. It developed the first KPI Management Framework and operates www.smartKPIs.com, the result of the research program dedicated to documenting and cataloguing how KPIs are used in practice, an online portal containing the largest collection of documented KPI examples.

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Kates Kesler Organization Design Consulting®

Amy Kates and Greg Kesler write, speak, and teach on the subject of organization design around the world. Amy is the author, with Jay Galbraith, of the books Designing Dynamic Organizations and Designing Your Organization. Greg and Amy are the authors of Leading Organization Design: How to Make Organization Design Decisions to Drive the Results You Want (2010). Their latest book is Bridging Organization Design and Performance: Five Ways to Activate a Global Operation Model (2015)

A Tested and Proven Process

Our methodology, which has been refined through 20 years of application and learning, is the standard in the field.Our process and tools are the internal methodology at companies such as Dell, Nike, MetLife, Coca-Cola, SC Johnson, Medtronic, Gallo, Disney, Deere, BASF, Bloomberg, GlaxoSmithKline, and QVC.

Transfer of Knowledge, Tools, and Methods

We work closely with the company’s internal HR, OD, and Learning professionals as partners. We are transparent about our process and tools and transfer as much as we can. Our approach builds organization design capability and reduces future dependence on consultants.

Implementation & Activation Support

We have fully supported design implementations in complex global environments. Our team is highly experienced in helping to build transition plans to fully implement new organizational models.

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Sample of organizations that used our services

Business Today®

Business Today utilises discovery learning technologies to significantly improve the performance of people and organisations. This explains why so many Market leaders in so many diverse industries trust Business Today to develop and deliver cutting edge customised training and development interventions.

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We have over 170 simulations across many diverse industries. Our simulations are individually customised to the development needs of the clients business to ensure the maximum degree of ‘fit’.

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We have over 30 years’ experience in discovery learning facilitation. We pride ourselves in the difference we make to our clients’ employees.


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