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Business Today utilises discovery learning technologies to significantly improve the performance of people and organisations. This explains why so many market leaders in so many diverse industries trust Business Today to develop and deliver cutting edge customised training and development interventions.

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We have over 170 simulations across many diverse industries. Our simulations are individually customised to the development needs of the clients business to ensure the maximum degree of ‘fit’.

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We have over 30 years’ experience in discovery learning facilitation. We pride ourselves in the difference we make to our clients’ employees.


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Our beliefs are the foundation off which we pride ourselves, and they are:


An educational concept and process developed by Chris Argyris, a leading organizational trainer, which involves teaching people to think more deeply about their own assumptions and beliefs, this type of learning involves changing methods and improving efficiency to obtain objectives.


  • Fixed-Line Telecoms Today
  • Mobile Telecommunications Today
  • Mobile Telecommunications Today
  • Phoneshop Operations Today
  • Cellular Retailing Today
  • Cellular Projects Today


  • The Soaps Game
  • Production Business Today
  • Running a Smelter Today


  • Managing Airlines Today
  • Managing Airports Today

Automobile & Parts

  • Motor Assembly Today
  • Motor Management Today
  • Motor Sales Today
  • The Motor Game
  • Motor Retail Today (non-management level)


  • Fashion Retail – Quick Response
  • Fashion Retail Today

Oil & Gas

  • Oil Extraction Today
  • Polymers Production Today


  • Store Management Today – CLOTHING
  • Store Management Today – GENERAL RETAIL
  • Store Management Today – CERAMIC TILES
  • Fast Fit Today
  • Tile Retail Today
  • Fast Food Retail Today

Healthcare & Hospitals

  • Hospital Business Today
  • Managing My Ward Today
  • Rehab Centres Today
  • National Health Simulation

Utilities & Electricity

  • Electricity Distribution Today
  • Electricity Generation Today
  • Electricity Transmission Today
  • Nuclear Power Generation Today
  • Resource Providers Today
  • My Eskom World – The Integrated Electricity Value Chain
  • System Operations Today
  • Tariff Design Today
  • Transmission System Operations Business Today
  • Electricity Value Chain Today
  • Electricity Key Account Management

Non-Industry Specific

  • Depot Operations Today
  • Finance 4 Channel/Account Managers
  • Profit Story / Trade Maths
  • Sales Reality Modelling
  • Consumer Marketing Today
  • Efficient Consumer Promotions Today
  • Commercial for Customers
  • Trade Accruals Today
  • Customer Development Essentials
  • Distribution Business Today
  • Business Acumen Today (simplified FST)
  • Distributor Business Today
  • Integrated Risk Management
  • Introduction to Finance (1 day MBT)
  • My Future Today (Lifestyle Choices Today)
  • Customer Service Today
  • Running a Successful Business Today
  • Materials Management Today
  • The Finance of Sales Today
  • Strategy in Action
  • Call Centre Today (outbound)
  • Today’s Entrepreneur
  • Managing Business Today
  • Finance for Non-Financial Mangers
  • Professional Services Today
  • Bearings Distribution Today
  • Personal Wealth Creation Today / Manage Your Salary Today


  • Agri – Business Today
  • Flower Business Today
  • Animal Feeds Today

Education & Youth

  • My Future Today
  • Improving Our Schools Today
  • Governing Schools Today

Food & Beverages

  • The Bakery Game
  • Fast Food Today


  • Construction Business Today
  • Ready Mix Today


  • Hotel Management Today


  • IT Business Today

Rail, Air & Transportation

  • Airports Business Today
  • Managing Airlines Today
  • Railway Management Today

“Unilever would like to commend Business Today for the passion and professionalism for which the company has approached every simulation training project over the last decade. The training projects run by Business Today have added tremendous value in terms of the development of business acumen, operational and strategic thinking skills of our key asset, our people.”

Sally Botha
Customer Development

“Would have never thought participants could assimilate the game concept so fast … a tightly knit organisation planning made it a real success … Empowering and engaging a crowd of 100+ people was delightful to witness! The buildup of each and every team strategies as the day progressed was outstanding. An experience they will not forget”

Bertrand Tamisier

“Business Today proved invaluable in making a complex change process sufficiently simple to make it understandable to a broad range of staff”

Duncan Brown
Senior Executive

“This fantastic well thought out simulation showed me just how critical planning is and the need to co-ordinate actions across departments”

Dr. Nigel King
Product Development Engineer

In House Programs

We have over 170 simulations across many diverse industries. Our simulations are individually customised to the development needs of the clients businesses to ensure the maximum degree of ‘fit’.

The simulation runs over 3-5 annual cycles, this allows participants to analyze the results, learn from their mistakes and apply their new learnings immediately.

This analysis is conducted both on simulation results and then on real company business results allowing complete transference of learning to the workplace.

An effective business simulation requires a minimum group size of 12 delegates ( 4 teams of 3) with a maximum group size of 24 delegates.

Public Program

Schedule: 30 & 31 July

Location: Holiday Inn, Maadi, Cairo

Time: From 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

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Strategic Business Today Simulation

Program Overview

Strategic Business Today’ is a discovery learning experience that is centered around a board-based business simulation. The simulation allows teams of business professionals to manage a simulated but realistic business, in competition with other teams, and to discover how the everyday business decisions that they make, shape the performance of their business.

As decisions are made and consequences are played out during the simulation, the facilitator constantly relates learning to the participants’ reality ensuring that participants gain a greater understanding of their own business and how their individual efforts contribute towards the overall success of their organization.

The Strategic Business Today simulation allows various strategic and operational business decisions, such as the scale of operation to manage, which customer segments to target, desired product mix, optimal procurement, how many employees should be hired / trained, and what margin they need to achieve to cover costs.

The simulation runs over 3 to 5 repetitive annual cycles. Participants complete simple financial statements between cycles and analyze their results. Their performance is then benchmarked against the other teams, allowing them to learn from their own and others’ mistakes.

Learning Outcomes

  • A solid understanding of your organization’s Value Chain and the critical business drivers, which can be leveraged to achieve maximum Stakeholder Value
  • Experiencing and understanding the interdependence of business functions
  • Understanding the trade-offs, while making decisions around marketing, penetration, pricing, sales mix and calculating the effects on margins
  • Analyzing your company financial statements, and how decisions made by departments impact them
  • Understanding why it is important to focus time and effort on product mix in proportion to gross margin, and not just ease of sale
  • Making and implementing decisions by assessing the results, in terms of cross-functional dependencies, allocation of limited resources, competitor activity and business performance, within the broader business context
  • Understanding how cash flows through the business and how to manage cash flow
  • A working knowledge of different financial ratios to use to measure various aspects of performance

Trainer Profile

With over 20 years of experience, he is the COO of one of the major Financial Investments – a Cairo based venture capital firm. Sitting on the boards of 12 companies, his role is to continuously monitor the financial performance of the different portfolio companies and help them enhance returns for the shareholders. He also scans the market for investment opportunities that can add value to the portfolio.

Prior to his current position, he has built up experience in Coca-Cola North & West Africa in Strategy and Business Planning and has consulted clients in the field of strategy formulation and deployment in various industries. Earlier on in his career, he worked in Procter & Gamble Egypt in the Human Resources department, working on a number of cross-departmental and regional assignments.

He has also been part of 2 startups in the Egyptian market. His breadth of expertise includes exposure to industries such as FMCG, manufacturing, IT services, shipping, fashion, retail, food and beverage, durable goods, hospitality, healthcare, insurance, as well as non-profits, governmental and quasi-governmental organizations.

Qualified as a trainer in Procter & Gamble since 1996, he has been delivering training on an international level. He has been a trainer with the Frankfurt School for Finance and Management since 2013.

Schedule Details

Schedule: 30 & 31 July

Location: Holiday Inn, Maadi, Cairo

Time: From 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

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