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Advanced Personnel Course

A very practical training course that provides you with all the common mistakes that happen in Personnel, you will thoroughly understand all the loopholes of the law, how to protect your company from penalties, know all the violations and their impact and much more!

Course Impact

Labor Law

We cover every aspect about Labor Law with real life applications, tips, tricks and best practices to avoid any misconduct with governing laws.

Social Insurance

Everything about Social insurance with the day to day management with social insurance offices and best practices about how to handle the day to day operations.

New Law Updates

We will go through all the new updates for the different laws, what the upcoming changes are and its effects on the proposed new labor law.

Income Taxes

Income taxes and its calculation methods, tips and tricks.

Practice Workshops

You will practice everything you learn during the course and get the needed feedback & coaching. After we introduce the topic for you, we get to have 1 full day of practical applications after every topic of the 3 modules of the course, to make sure you are equipped with the needed hands-on experience, not only the knowledge!

Course Objectives

  • Gaining a strong knowledge of Labor Law and the related governmental formalities regulations. .
  • Independently handling the whole process of social security insurance and obligatory medical insurance for your employees.
  • Mastering the Personnel files and records keeping and management.
  • Handling the Labor Bureau, Social Insurance & Tax Authority Audits.
  • Highlighting the most common mistakes in the application of Labor Law, Social Insurance and Tax calculation.
  • Identifying what HR Managers need to know to lead the Personnel Function.
  • Tips & Tricks from the best practice of the field
  • All Human Resource Professionals
  • Payroll Accountants
  • Public Accountants
  • Entrepreneurs
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Trainer Profile

APersonnel Consultant for more than 15 years for a versatile scope of industries, namely FMCG, Banking, Oil & Gas, Construction, Telecommunications, Pharmaceuticals, Management Consulting as well as some UN Projects. Participated in the formulation of the new Labor Law. A resourceful HR practitioner & lawyer with hands-on expertise of all company types and sectors including NGOs, Private, Public, Governmental companies. Participated in many lawsuits as the lawyer on behalf of both workers and employers. Led the issuance of work agreements that got reinforced to similar cases later on as an integral part of the law. Personnel Trainer since 2010.

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